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5 th Biennial Workshop on Subduction Processes emphasizing the Japan-Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian Arcs (JKASP-5)
International Volcanological Field School for Graduate Students
--Linkages among tectonics, magma genesis, and eruption in the northern Pacific arc--
@ Hokkaido University International Congress Hall, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
July 9-14, 2006
[July 9-19 for the International Volcanological Field School]


Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
Geological Survey of Hokkaido

Updating info: http://tomura.eos.hokudai.ac.jp/jkasp2006/


This continuous and mature workshop has been widely covering subduction processes emphasizing the active Japan-Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian volcanic arcs, containing regional and local tectonics, seismic activity, deep and shallow subsurface structure, magma genesis, magma evolution, eruption mechanisms, volcano seismology, geochemistry, geodynamics and volcano and earthquake hazard mitigation. These segmentalized scientific objectives have automatically desired organic linkage with each other to understand the nature of geodynamic system. International geoscience community in the North Pacific has taken a step to overcome the obstacles which had disturbed scientific work in this region. This fact implies 5 th meeting will be able to build vital and fruitful relationship not only for scientific output but also meaningful future collaboration between neighbor residents. One of the special emphases of the forthcoming meeting will be to report progress on imaging the stagnant slab beneath northern Pacific region and its linkage to the volcanic phenomena, deep-to-shallow focus earthquakes and plate dynamics. This understanding will allow the fundamental further development of models for whole subduction zone processes. Another highlight of this workshop is the International Volcanological Field School for Graduate Students, which has been fully funded by Initiative for Attractive Education Program of Hokkaido University. This school will offer the opportunities to make productive international relationship between graduate students. Field excursion to the volcano Tokachi will be held after the scientific sessions, which will provide a clue to understand the pre- and post- caldera process of island arc volcano.

International Volcanological Field School
(Sunday, July 15 - Saturday, July 21)
Volcanological Field School for students from Japan and other countries will be held after the workshop. This is one of the geological studies field course for graduate students of Hokkaido University. International students are welcome to join the course. In this course students will learn about a wide variety of volcanoes and eruptive products in Hokkaido Island, where is a junction of two arcs, Northeast Japan and Kuril Arcs. We will expect less than 20 students. All costs during Hokkaido staying will be supported by Hokkaido University and LOC.

Steering Committee:

Minoru Kasahara and Mitsuhiro Nakagawa, Sapporo, Japan

Evgenii Gordeev and Victor Chebrov, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

John Eichelberger and Jon Dehn, Fairbanks, AK, USA

Local Organizing Committee:

Hokkaido University: Minoru Kasahara (chairman), Mitsuhiro Nakagawa (vice-chairman),

Hiroaki Takahashi, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Takahiro Maeda

Geological Survey of Hokkaido: Noritoshi Okazaki

Form of Workshop:

Speakers who hope oral presentation are asked to talk for 15 minutes including discussions, and are able to use a fixed windows PC with digital projector but no overhead projector (OHP). Poster presentations are also welcome, and will be available throughout the dates of workshop. Presenters are not able to submit more than two presentations as first author.

Meeting Venue

Scientific sessions will be held at International Congress Hall of Hokkaido University, locating near Hotels, Sapporo station, and central Sapporo city.

Language of the meeting

The official language of the workshop is English.

Travel and Accommodation

Travel arrangements up to New-Chitose/Sapporo airport should be made individually. But there are little direct flights from abroad to New-Chitose. LOC recommend US and EU participants will come to Sapporo via Osaka/Kansai or Nagoya/Chubu airport where have many direct flights from/to US and EU, and easy to transfer to the Sapporo/Chitose flights. Tokyo/Narita airport requests 2-3 hours moving to the Tokyo/Haneda domestic airport by bus and/or JR line. For Russian participants, Niigata airport is one of potential transfer route to Sapporo. For Sakhalin participants, Sapporo/Chitose and Hakodate airports have direct flight in Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After arriving at New-Chitose airport, get on JR-line for Sapporo JR Station.

During Sapporo staying, “Sapporo Aspen Hotel” and “Sapporo Mets Hotel” are potentially preserved. Both are within an easy walking distance to the meeting place and Sapporo station. Fundamentally, hotel reservation will be handled by LOC but individual accommodation bookings in Sapporo via internet are approval. We anticipate that costs for food and lodging will average about $150/day in Sapporo. Accommodations during excursion will be lumped by LOC.


Beginning of July in Sapporo is generally sunny and daytime temperatures averaging +20°C. However, there is always a possibility of rain and cold air, especially in field trip.

Pre-Registration and Abstract Submissions

Participants wishing to make oral/poster presentations are requested to fill registration form with tentative titles and submit it until March 31, 2006. People who want to attend this workshop but non-presentation also need to make registration. Students who hope to join the International Volcanological School are also requested to submit a registration form until above deadline. Expected deadline of abstracts is April 30, 2006. LOC will inform concrete deadline and formatting in 2 nd circular which will be issued immediately. Please check updating info at http://tomura.eos.hokudai.ac.jp/jkasp2006/.

Expected Registration Fee and Field Trip Costs

There will also be a registration fee of approximately $250 to cover group events. Field trips are expected to cost about $400 each including accommodations and meals. Costs f or students who will join the International Volcanological Field School will be fully supported except for trip fee from your country to Sapporo. Please fill out the attached registration form with expected title of your presentation and return it to the Hiroaki Takahashi (hiroaki@eos.hokudai.ac.jp) until the deadline, 31 March 2006. All conference attendees are requested to pay in cash by US dollars or Japanese Yen at the registration desk.


If you are interested in receiving subsequent circulars regarding this meeting, please contact the following members,


This meeting will be sponsored by the Institute of Seismology and Volcanology, and Division of Natural History of Hokkaido University, Stagnant Slab Projected of Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research of MEXT of Japanese Government, Initiatives for Attractive Education of Graduate Schools at Hokkaido University funded by MEXT of Japanese Government, and Geological Survey of Hokkaido.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Revision)

Sunday, July 9

15:00 - 18:00 Registration and Check-in

18:00 - 20:00 Icebreaking reception

@Scientific Sessions

Monday, July 10

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Imaging stagnant slab and upper mantle structure beneath north-western Pacific region.
  • Seismological and geological tectonics, geodynamics, subdcution-related seismology.

Tuesday, July 11

  • Magma genesis, geochemistry, volcanic eruptions, and monitoring.
  • Volcano and earthquake hazard mitigation
  • Discussion on international collaboration for research and education.
  • Evening discussion at Sapporo Beer Garden with ram B.B.Q.

@Field excursions at Central Volcanic Zone of Hokkaido Island

Wednesday, July 12

  • Moving from Sapporo to the base of the Tokachi volcano by chartered bus. Geological short reconnaissance of Tokachi volcanic group. Open discussions at open-air hot spring bath in hotel.

Thursday, July 13

  • Climbing up to the active craters of Tokachi volcano (2041m) by walk about 6-7 hours for round trip. Geological and petrological discussions will be made during the way. Athletic shoes or light climbing boots are recommended. Participants who will not able to climb up can visit volcano monitoring stations, volcano hazard mitigation facilities, and taking hot spring bathes.
  • Open discussion: Summary of meeting, future collaborations, and time and place of next workshop.

Friday, July 14

  • Back to Sapporo by chartered bus until evening. Participants should be taking accommodation at Sapporo because of lack of night flight.

@International Volcanological Field School

Sunday, July 15-Thirsday, 19

  • Geological field trip will be held after above field excursion. Costs of this course will be fully founded by Initiatives for Attractive Education Program of Hokkaido University.


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